Sun Will Rise


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The events of this record take place between February 2 and 23, 1989 in the town of Snake River Mountain; its lyrics are excised from conversations, a letter, and embellished memories, which in subsequent years were placed into short lyrical vignettes by novelist, Reginald McKruski. They are part of his unfinished, largely autobiographical novel with the working title, “Endlessly, Tirelessly Awaiting Some Kind of Vacant Truth.”

Cast Of Characters:
Reginald “Reg” McKruski – author of six published novels, fifty-seven
Jeanie McFeven-McKruski – wife of Reg, mistress of Councilor Daily, thirty-nine
Dorothy “Dot” McCrebee – mother of Franklin McCrebee, former secret lover of Reg, murdered at age seventy-seven
Bethune R. J. McStevvenflee – former wife of Franklin McCrebee, current lover of Reg
Franklin Gabriel McCrebee – Reg’s sworn nemesis, son of Dot, author, forty-six
Councilor Daily – Snake River Mountain town councilman, Jeanie’s paramour, ex-husband of Bethune R. J. McStevvenflee
Gerard, the cat – Reg and Jeanie’s beloved cat, age seventy in cat years


released September 2, 2016

Performed by:
Dustin Gamracy – drums
Whistlin’ Jeff M – bass and whistling
Christopher Sleightholm – guitars, keys, vocals and songs/lyrics
John De Gennaro – guitars

Produced, written, mixed and recorded by: Christopher Sleightholm
Recorded at Snake River Mtn. Town Hall Aug. 2014, and Jan 2015 – March 2016
Except “Dear Franklin Gabriel McCrebee” & “Who’ll Tell Our Story?” which were mixed by Orion Paradis
All songs were mastered by: Orion Paradis at SoulSound Studios, Regina, SK
Cover drawing by: John De Genarro
Cover printed by: Whistlin’ Jeff M
Layout by: Matthew Danchuk

For further reading see The Adjacent Rooms by Christopher Sleightholm



all rights reserved


SNAKE RIVER regina, Saskatchewan

Music inspired by the residents of Snake River Mountain & Mr. McKruski. New album SUM WILL RISE out September 2.


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Track Name: Don't Believe In Yourself
I wouldn’t wait if you wouldn’t stay someplace else.
Don’t believe in yourself, you’re just like everyone else.
The girls sat by your side like records on a shelf.
Don’t believe in yourself, you’re just like everyone else.
Track Name: I Was Very Drunk Jeanie
“You and I [are not] like them all,
Though sun rises the same on us.
Find comfort wherever you can,” Reg says
(For he once wrote that down).
“I was very drunk Jeanie,”
Reg says of last night’s party.
“Too many humans in one place
Is never a good thing anyway,
[Because] babe they’re all dumb.”
“I wouldn’t lie to you, wouldn’t waste the time on you
It’s in the things you never say,” Reg says,
Then lights up his smoke inhales deeply
And then he releases a kind of cough,
And Jeanie walks out of the room.

Jeanie: I won’t be you.
Reginald: I won’t see you.
Jeanie: I don’t want to feel you.
Reginald: Don’t waste no more time.
Track Name: Dear Franklin Gabriel McCrebee
I know where I [haven’t] been for three months.
Don’t wink, [I’m not] lying always.
Errant hearts smile at someone always.
Don’t you think of the things you don’t see?
Squalor and decay surround you always.
Country Mike [is not] gone anyway.
You’re always… You’re never…
I’m always… I’m never…
Track Name: Something/Nothing?
Dressed as a tree Reginald says, “I’ll be free.
We’ll see the sun rising over the trees –
The clouds above, and the cosmos below our feet.”
Jeanie says, “take one of these,”
And they bleed into one another’s dreams.
“Let’s fight – don’t hide from me Jeanie. Don’t careen,” Reg says.
“Let’s run, let’s breed,” says he,
And women without faces roam the streets freely,
And into windowless rooms they retreat.
Jeanie says, “Reg, your costume is beyond me.
You look as though you’ve been some place without me – or she.”
Reg says, “let’s hide along some one else’s stream, please.
Let me spend another glorious year inside of thee, please. Please, please”
Track Name: Who'll Tell Our Story
Sometimes I’ll think over all the scraps of words I wrote,
You’re in some of them although you probably wouldn’t even know.
Who will tell our story when you’re gone?
Like, you know, maybe we did something that was a little wrong.

Sometimes I’ll think about all the places that we fucked –
Casting shadows on shadows when you still make me come.
Who will tell our story if I don’t?
I’ll say all the things that you won’t.

Reg thinks of lewd act he and Dot partook in late last summer. He reaches down and gives himself a hard squeeze. Although he’s never really loved Dot their time together resembled the first phase of any happy relationship. Despite their twenty-year age gap, Dot always found ways to make Reg finish mightily. He likened his orgasms with her to waves crashing in on a shore, “just when you think it’s done another one comes crashing in,” he’d say. But after that day last summer he’d not heard from her in awhile, so he called her.
“Where’ve you been?” he said.
“Oh, I’ve been around, I’ve seen you around,” Dot said.
“I’m sure you have,” said Reg.
“Well, now, what is that supposed to mean?” says Dot.
“Why won’t you call me?” Reg says.
“I can’t do this anymore,” says Dot. “You disgust me.”
Track Name: Mr. McKruski Walks Down Absalom Street
(or, Reg and Dot Enter Forest – Only Reg Returns)

He: I know that you wouldn’t rise above.
She: You and I were not even in love.
He: Meanwhile you were always so goddamn mean.
She: While you were right between her thighs.
He: You can’t stay living this way, not in this world anyway.
She: You told me I was hiding in the clouds.
He: You said, “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”
She: Therefore you saw me as one would stay there.
He: For I was just riding on away. So I’ll end it with a quick twist of the wrist, and the darkness will overtake.
He: The beasts and flowers of the forest curdle where you lie. I wouldn’t have lied to thee if you would’ve never lied to me [sic]. Something’s changed and I don’t why I speak to you in first person. You were here, now you’re gone though your body still lies upon the ground.
“Are you the son? Are you the son?” Reg says as he walks down Absalom Street in search of Frankie. Grabbing the other townsfolk by the lapels, he asks them, “are you the son?”
Track Name: Sun's Rising
The two made love on his tweed blazer in an almost clinical way.
Reg could’ve left right after their doings; he didn’t want to stay –
There’s too much he might say before sun’s rising.

Bethune sits up in the bed of her truck; Reg zips up and wants to leave.
He thinks of Dot, and he wishes both women really were just Jeanie,
And he wonders where she be before sun’s rising.